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You can have your banner ad on our site. We have several ways to place your ad. You can have it appear on all of our pages or just on category pages or both. We can even set your ad up so that it only shows on the pages that you choose.

We charge you for click throughs only not for exposures.

Advertising Categories

  • Site Wide - Your banner ad can show on every page throughout or site.
  • Entertainments - Your banner ad will show on all Entertainment related pages only.
  • Cartoons - Your banner will show on all Cartoon related pages only.
  • Sports - Your banner will show on all Sports related pages only.
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  • Sign Art - Your banner will show on all Sign Art related pages only.

Control Panel

Once you have registered you will be able to login to your "Control Panel" where you will be able to select your ad categories, upload your banners, make secure payments and see your stats.


All of our banner categories are currently $0.05 USD cpc (cost per click). $25.00 USD Minimum.


We accept credit card payments through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to purchase banner space.

Absolutely NO pornogrphy, hate or illegal websites. Such attempts will result in your banner being removed and you will not be refunded!

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