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Sending a beer drinking buddy a free greeting card is easy with's Virtual E-Cards script. Just follow the easy instructions at each step along the way. I also want to let you know that the greeting cards are stored in a non-indexed directory so only you and the recipient will know where and how to find the card. This directory is also pretty secure from spammers, so send your card knowing you will not end up on any junk list.

After you have completed the card, you will be shown a preview. If you do not like your card, you may edit it and then send it, or just cancel the request. The recipient will receive e-mail advising where to find the card.

** By using this service you agree to recieve ONE e-mail from us within the next year.
Your information will never be sold or given to anyone.

Please select a picture from the list below by clicking on the image. You may only pick one picture per card. You can add a caption which will appear in large font under the picture.

If you want to see a full size image of a picture, just click on the link below the picture.

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#856 Miller High Life - Sever

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#857 Miller High Life Label

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#872 Miller Lite

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#977 the Best Milwaukee Beer

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#978 High Life Brew

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#1017 Miller Makes It Right

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#1080 Miller Lite Brushed Metal
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Nostalgic Gifts

These will make great gifts for your favorite Beer drinking fans. We have signs of all types - Many of your favorite movie, television and baseball celebrities like Ted Williams, Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, Lou Gehrig, Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, James Dean, the 3 stooges, Sylvester Stalone, Charlie Chaplin and Ricky Nelson, tobacco and liquor products like Old Judge chewing tobacco, Jack Daniel's, Southern Comfort and Budweiser beer, Food and beverage products - Spam, Hersheys chocolate and PEZ candies. Gasoline and oil signs - Shell Oil, Sinclair gas, Mobil Oil, Union 76, texaco, Christmas images pickup trucks and automobiles - Ford, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Cadilac, Chrysler, GMC, Dodge Farming tractors and equipment - Ford, Farmall, Case, John Deere, Indian motorcycles and many more to choose from. These high quality tin signs make great bar and restaurant decorations and will bring back memories of a more simple time.

Most of our signs are just $14.99 each.

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